Who Am I?

My name is Isaac and I help organizations save time and money by preventing and removing UX related obstacles. I have a background in full stack development and psychology. This knowledge helps me discover and translate the user needs into realistic development designs.

My journey to become a UX designer started with a passion for full stack development and psychology. During my career as a developer I quickly realized poor product design was the cause of much miscommunication and wasted time. Had the psychological human research techniques I learned in school been applied, these problems would have been remedied before production started and saved money and time. This realization led me down the path of UX design.

I take a user-centered approach to design to improve the usability of products. While designing user experiences, I always keep in mind my knowledge of psychology and full stack development. I start my design process with business and user goals and use an iterative process to develop a product that achieves these goals.


Find My Pet application pet profile screen.Find My Pet application home screen.Find My Pet application navigation screen.

Find My Pet

A GPS tracking application to find wayward pets.

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Full Stack Projects

Doctor's Appointments


Scheduling application that allows users to book appointments based on the doctor’s availability. The focus of this project was datetime validations in both the front end with Angular and the back end with MongoDB.

Subscription Service


Subscription application that allows users to select from active packages and select a monthly delivery day. Focused on datetime restrictions and validations. Created with Spring Tool Suite and Tomcat.

Travel Buddy


A simple travel planning application that allows users to create trips and join the trips of other users. Created with Django.


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